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World Series of Mahjong Main event Rules
The 2008 World Series of Mahjong will feature 2 tournament events: a US$1000 entry Reach Mahjong tournament and a US$5000 entry main event. A simple explanation of the rules follows.

Main event

The US$5000 WSOM main event doesn’t use a traditional rule set from China or Japan but rather a special rule set designed for this tournament.

We’ll introduce the rules by comparing the differences between them and Japanese Reach rules.


※Round indicator is placed next to the current hand’s dealer, along with the dice

※There is no round win

※Each turn as dealer is exactly one hand, no continuation

※Round indicator is placed next to the current hand’s dealer, along with the die

※There is no reach

※There are 44 hands (Yaku)

※Peace(Pinfu)is still a hand of all runs, but stealing tiles is allowed, and there is no restriction on the head (pair or atama)

※The only hands which must be closed are the 13 Orphans and All pairs hands

※Different points are awarded for each type of hand (yaku). The total of all Hand points is the value of the hand

※A hand may still be won without any Hand points

※There is no Missed Win(Sacred Discard) rule

※Non-limit hands may score a maximum of 320 points. Limit hands cannot be combined for more points

※Points awarded for a finished hand are three times the value of that hand

※The remainder of the points for a hand above 30 points will be paid by the person throwing the winning tile. (e.g. for a 35 point hand, the other two players will pay just 30 points and the player throwing the winning tile will pay 45.)

※If a player decides to win on the same tile that was thrown earlier in the same drawing round, the first player to have thrown the tile is responsible for throwing the winner

※No one receives any points for any hand ending in a draw

※If a player exposes a tile from his hand it is left exposed until his next draw at which point he has the option of discarding then or keeping it in his hand for the remainder of the that hand. It may not be subsequently used in any group melded from another player’s discards nor may it be part of the finally completed group of a winning hand


The main event takes place over 3 days with the field being cut in half at the end of each round. Players take 25% of their score from the previous round to the next round. For a more detailed explanation of the rules, please seeWSOM's rules

WSOM Reach Mahjong Tournament

The 2008 Reach Mahjong tournament, sponsored by this site, will be a one day tournament with the Reach rules (Japanese rule set) used as the base. Normal rules used throughout Japan will differ slightly somewhat from those at the WSOM tournament. Please be sure to note differences noted below:

Important points:


※Instead of point “bones”, points will be recorded on a score sheet

※First turn win, Hidden Lucky Dragon, Quad Lucky Dragon and Hidden Quad Lucky Dragon are all valid

※Die rolls will be decided by one die thrown twice

※Games will be East only (There will be no South round)

※There will be no dealer continuation

※There will no penalty for non-ready hands ending in a draw

※Any 1000 point reach bets declared for a hand ending in a draw are lost

※There will be no sudden draw hands (e.g. 4 person Reach draw, 4 Quad draw, etc)

※Fouls resulting in the termination of a hand will result in a 10 point penalty and the replaying of the hand


The first round of play will be a qualifying round for the next round in which the playing field will be cut in half. Each round there after will drop the bottom 1 or 2 players from each table. Continuing players will carry 25% of their scores from the previous round to the next round.
Please note that changes may be made to the tournament schedule and format to accommodate a larger number of players than expected.
For more detailed explanations, please read's WSOM Reach Mahjong Tournament Rules page.