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WSOM Reach Event Qualifier Announced on Mahjong Time (RM) and popular online Mahjong play site, Mahjong Time (MT) have announced a collaborated effort to send Reach (riichi) players to the World Series of Mahjong. On August 31st, 2008, Mahjong Time will host a $100 qualifier for the WSOM Reach Event at 9:00am PST.

The winner of the satellite will win a $1000 entry to the September 18th WSOM Reach Event as well as $1000 in travel stipend in addition to RM and MT exclusive goods. This is a unique chance to play with professional players Jenn and Garthe, live, in a world class event. Official registration will start on Monday, so sign-up for MT now.

The WSOM Reach Event will be a one day tournament on September 18th, using the WSOM Reach rule set (check them out here). The winner will get a seat in the $5,000 WSOM Main Event as well as prize money. The top 10-20% of the field will cash in the Reach Event and prize money will be based on the number of entrants. Players may also register directly for the WSOM Reach and Main Events at Cityline.

See Mahjong Time's press release here.



Official Japan Representative is Decided

Masato ChibaOn August 10th, hosted the first-ever WSOM Official Japan Qualifier in Tokyo. Everyone battled for a whole day to win and for the chance to be the first representative from Japan. The winner was Masato Chiba!

Coming into the final table at the qualifier, all players had a pretty even score. Mr. Chiba took advantage of a few small hands and won them, killing Shintaro Kamimurafs high-scoring comeback hands. Mr. Chiba won free entry to the WSOM Main Event in Macau, along with a travel stipend.

Mr. Chiba has a long history of playing Mahjong internationally, with prestigious finishes in Japan, Denmark, and The Netherlands, playing with the Chinese Official rules. We are expecting him to go far in the second annual World Series of Mahjong. He will join Jenn and Garthe, from the Japan Professional Mahjong League, in Macau on September 19th in the WSOM Main Event, representing Japan.



Sign up for WSOM Reach Mahjong Circuit Event on CityLine


The second annual World Series of Mahjong Main Event will happen from September 18th-21st, 2008 at the Wynn, Macau. The September 18th Reach (Riichi) Event will use rules will use the rule set generally used in Japan and will decide the World Champion of Riichi. Entrants can easily sign up for this tournament on CityLine using their credit card.

Don't go to Macau and throw your money away on Bacarat, use that $1,000 for Mahjong and show your strength at this skill game.

Entry for both events can be conveniently done at CityLine. If you would like to sign-up first through and reserve your exclusive player's package at our registration form here.



Second Annual World Series of Mahjong begins in September

September, 2008 is the date for second World Series of Mahjong (WSOM) taking place in China's Macau. In the interest of making a level playing field for all Mahjong players, the tournamentfs main event (USD $5000 entry) will use the official World Series of Mahjong rules developed by Hong Kong native Alan Kwan. More than 300 entrants participated in the 2007 WSOM, and with this yearfs TV coverage and additional qualifying satellite tournaments, organizers are preparing for a large increase in the number of entrants.

This yearfs series also features the addition of a Reach Mahjong sub-event. Entry to this tournament will be $1000.

The dates are September 18 through the 21. The site, run by Jenn Barr and Garthe Nelson of the Japan Professional Mahjong League, is charged with promoting the event in Japan. For more details please look here



Japan Professional Mahjong League's Jenn and Garthe enter the WSOM


This year's WSOM in Macau will joined by none other than the JPML's Jenn and Garthe. Of last yearfs 5 participants from Japan, former Japan Professional Mahjong Association member Sayaka Yokoyama and Jenn (JPML) both made it together to the second day.

In addition to participating in the WSOM main and sub-events Jenn and Garthe are also charged with promoting the series in Japan. Starting in May, weekly practice sessions will be taking place to help Japanese players become more accustomed to the WSOM rules. Please check the site starting in April for a schedule of events.



World Series of Mahjong in cooperation with sponsors Japanese rules tournament


Aiming to be the world's premier Mahjong event, the World Series of Mahjong this year adds a Reach Mahjong event (aka Japanese rules). The tournament will be sponsored in cooperation with the site, and founders Jenn Barr and Garthe Nelson will also be participating.'s event committee will be led by JPML's Shintaro Konno. will be represented by trilingual Gemma Collinge of the UK. The committee aims to create a tournament using the Japanese rules which translates to the international environment of the World Series of Mahjong. The Reach Mahjong event will take place on September 18, before the 3 day main event begins. Entry to the event is US$1000. Cash prizes will be awarded, and the winner of the event will in addition receive a winner's necklace similar the one awarded in the main event and entry into the main event itself. At least 80% of the entry fees will be returned to the players as cash and other prizes. At least the top 10% of the entrants will be awarded prizes. For more details please check out and